Dr. Mona Dardouk

A graduate of the “Carol Davila” University of Dental Medicine in Bucharest, Endodontics specialist, and doctoral student at the University of Bucharest, Dr. Mona Dardouk treats teeth daily with a reserved prognosis, with significant destruction and increased mobility, successfully managing to save them for integration into subsequent complex restorations. Procedures are carried out using magnification – under a microscope, following protocols that meet current international standards.

She is an associate teaching staff at the endodontics department of “Titu Maiorescu” University in Bucharest, where she passionately guides students in exploring the intricacies of endodontics.

She has attended numerous conferences and courses, including a master’s program in Laser Dentistry at the University of Genova, successfully blending her vast experience, professionalism, and dedication to patient care, ensuring a pleasant experience in our clinic.

Dr. Mona Dardouk has performed:

  • Over 5,000 complex endodontic treatments and retreatments
  • Over 2,000 single-tooth restorations
  • Over 5,000 dental reconstructions (tooth preparation for the prosthetic part)



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