Dental surgery

The dental surgery service offered by Worldwide Dental focuses on diagnosing, treating, and preventing dental issues and oral cavity problems.

Within the dental surgery service, our patients can benefit from a wide range of procedures, from the simplest ones such as cleaning and dental hygiene, to the most complex ones like tooth extractions, dental implants, or gum surgeries.

Our team of specialists in dental surgery consists of experienced dentists prepared to offer patients the best solutions for their dental problems. Moreover, our clinic is equipped with modern facilities and advanced technologies that assist in achieving precise, quick, and painless results.

If you need dental treatment, the dental surgery service offered by Worldwide Dental could be the perfect solution for you. Our professionals will do everything possible to provide you with a pleasant and comfortable experience, ensuring you feel safe and regain your perfect smile.

When is dental surgery necessary?

Dental surgery might be necessary in a variety of situations. These include:

#Tooth Extraction: This might be necessary when a tooth is damaged or infected to the extent that it cannot be saved through other procedures, such as root canal treatment. Additionally, tooth extraction might be required to make room for dental implants or to improve teeth alignment.

#Dental Implants: This is a surgical procedure that involves placing a dental implant into the jawbone to replace a missing tooth. This procedure is usually performed when a patient has lost one or more teeth.

#Periodontal Surgery: This procedure might be necessary if the patient suffers from gum diseases or conditions affecting the jawbone that supports the teeth. Periodontal surgery can be performed to remove damaged tissues or to repair or replace deteriorated bone.

#Maxillofacial Surgery: This procedure might be necessary if the patient has conditions affecting the jaw or face, such as fractures or soft tissue injuries.

#Other Procedures: Depending on the patient’s needs, other surgical interventions might be necessary, such as the removal of cysts or tumors from the oral cavity.

Generally, the decision to perform dental surgery is made after a careful evaluation of the patient’s health condition and individual needs.

Wisdom Tooth Extraction - A Necessary Procedure

The extraction of the wisdom tooth is necessary in cases where it cannot fully emerge from the gum or is affected by other dental issues. Usually, wisdom teeth start to appear around the age of 17-25 years, but they can encounter problems during an eruption, such as:

Impaction: Wisdom teeth can grow under the gum or at an angle that makes their normal eruption difficult or impossible. This can lead to pain, inflammation, infection, or even damage to the adjacent teeth.

Dental Decay or Periodontal Disease: If the wisdom teeth have only partially emerged from the gums, they might be hard to clean and become more susceptible to dental decay or diseases affecting the gums and the surrounding jawbone.

Orthodontic Issues: If there is too little space in the patient’s mouth for the wisdom teeth to erupt, they can cause the existing teeth to shift, leading to orthodontic issues.

Generally, if a wisdom tooth is causing problems for the patient, the dentist might recommend its extraction to prevent more serious dental or oral health issues in the future. If the patient is not experiencing any pain or dental issues, the dentist might decide to monitor the condition of the wisdom tooth and make a decision about extraction at a later time.

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