Dental Crown

The dental crown is one of the best options for smile restoration, and at Worldwide Dental, we are dedicated to providing you with the best dental restoration experience through this procedure.

What is a dental crown?

A dental crown is a custom-made dental prosthesis designed to cover a damaged or missing tooth. This procedure involves replacing the visible portion of a tooth while keeping the root intact. The dental crown can be made from various materials, such as ceramics, metal, or a mixture of materials, depending on the needs and preferences of each patient.

Why is a dental crown necessary?

A dental crown is a recommended solution when a tooth is severely affected by decay, fracture, or wear and can no longer be repaired by other methods. Additionally, the dental crown can be used to replace a missing tooth, preventing the migration of neighboring teeth and maintaining the balance and functionality of the teeth.

This procedure can also improve the appearance of the tooth, providing a brighter and more aesthetic smile.

The procedure for applying the dental crown

The dental crown application procedure begins with the preparation of the damaged or missing tooth.

This involves removing the damaged portion or root canal treatment, as appropriate. Then, an accurate impression of the tooth is taken to create a personalized dental crown. This impression is sent to our specialized laboratory, where the crown is carefully and precisely made.

Once the crown is completed, it is carefully applied to the tooth, ensuring it fits perfectly and that the patient feels comfortable with it.

Dental crowns from Worldwide Dental offer numerous benefits, including:

  • Directly enhance life quality and well-being, providing personal satisfaction
  • Restore the smile and zest for life, representing a well-deserved investment
  • Ensure a natural and pleasant appearance due to the superior quality of the materials used
  • Are biocompatible and do not cause bodily disturbances, guaranteeing pain-free treatment
  • Can save teeth damaged by over 50%, providing a solution even in severe cases
  • Contribute to the health of the entire body by ensuring proper chewing and a healthy digestive system.

Dacă ai probleme cu dinții și ai nevoie de o restaurare, contactează echipa noastră de experți la Worldwide Dental pentru a discuta opțiunile de coroană dentară și pentru a programa o consultație. Îți vom oferi cele mai bune soluții personalizate pentru a-ți reda zâmbetul frumos și sănătos.



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